Casemate Plastics Industries Co., Ltd.

Casemate Plastics Industries Co., Ltd. was founded in 1987. In the recent 29 years our leadership had insisted on maintaining our most original intent in providing our clients a variety of hallow blow molded products with the best quality and services, the scope of application of the products has widened owing to the improvements on technology and design abilities which includes hand tool toolboxes, toolboxes for vehicle repairs, automated and air powered toolboxes, medical equipments, sports equipments, furniture, automotives, toys, and packaging containers.

New Product

1.Blow Mold Case Professional Structure Design

CASEMATE provides professional toolbox in HD-PE material, the resistant to environmental and double protection for your products. Connected with metal buckle and soft material of handle and more the stainless steel pin combination. The best choice for the heavy duty of power tools, pneumatic tools, and any applies to the tools of heavier products. The kind of structure design is the profession design in Taiwan.

2.Blow Mold Case Long Size

CASEMATE provides long size of blow case in HD-PE material, the double wall is the best protection for the products package. Material of HD-PE could able to against the climate changed,the best choice for professional products, torque wrench, digital torque wrench, senior tackle, senior toy guns, special long tool and other kinds of special-sized toolbox for product packaging.

21.Blow Mold Case Dual Colors for Internal & Exterior

CASEMATE provide high quality dual colors blow mold case. Professional design & arrangement, different colors connection for internal and exterior molds, the prefect combination to bright inside contents. Use environmentally friendly materials and EU provision. Products are all design and made in Taiwan.

13.Blow Mold Case standard case with family type

CASEMATE provides many family type of standard cases with series size, variety sizes are adequate for different industries or products loading.

29.Blow Mold Case For Variety Industries

CASEMATE provides many kind of standard case with series size, variety sizes are adequate for different industries or products to use. Our blow mold case is the best choice to make easily for your products install and uninstall. Please do not hesitate to contact with us for what size you need.