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Casemate Plastics Industries Co., Ltd. was founded in 1987. In the recent 29 years our leadership had insisted on maintaining our most original intent in providing our clients a variety of hallow blow molded products with the best quality and services, the scope of application of the products has widened owing to the improvements on technology and design abilities which includes hand tool toolboxes, toolboxes for vehicle repairs, automated and air powered toolboxes, medical equipments, sports equipments, furniture, automotives, toys, and packaging containers.

Blow Molded Case with Reasonable Price

Casemate Plastics Industries Co., Ltd. provides high-performance technology tools that give you actionable information to help you make decisions and take charge of your life. Blow molded case with folding type handle also possess very high impact resistance. And all premium bone porcelain blow molded case from Casemate Plastics Industries Co., Ltd. stand for uncompromising design. Our company is a manufacturer of heavy duty industrial blow molded case. In addition we offer our customers flow control automation solutions and comprehensive after-sales services.
With its popularity growing in the global market it gets important to understand the multifarious sub-sectors this demanding industry brings to the table.
Blow Molded Case

10.Blow Mold Case With Folding Type Handle

CASEMATE provides blow mold tool case with plastic injection handle, the folding type design reduce measurement waste, more space for interior storage. The folding type handle is popular design for various carrying case. There are many kinds of material for handle requesting.
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As a result of its commitment to R&D, manufacturing and quality control, Casemate Plastics Industries Co., Ltd. engineers reliable and long-lasting solutions as a partner for continuous improvement. With extensive expertise in engineering and product design, Casemate Plastics Industries Co., Ltd. able to offer value-added products to our customers. We review our offerings regularly to make sure our prices are competitive, if not the lowest available. For more details about our blow molded case with folding type handle, please contact with us immediately.