Casemate Plastics Industries Co., Ltd.

Casemate Plastics Industries Co., Ltd. was founded in 1987. In the recent 29 years our leadership had insisted on maintaining our most original intent in providing our clients a variety of hallow blow molded products with the best quality and services, the scope of application of the products has widened owing to the improvements on technology and design abilities which includes hand tool toolboxes, toolboxes for vehicle repairs, automated and air powered toolboxes, medical equipments, sports equipments, furniture, automotives, toys, and packaging containers.

CASEMATE Custom Plastic Molding Manufacturer

Custom Blow Molded Products for Your Unique Needs

Discover the perfect solution for your packaging and storage needs with our customization and special specifications products. As a leading manufacturer of blow mold products, we offer comprehensive OEM & ODM services to bring your unique designs to life. Our offerings include blow mold cases with cushion foam & waterproof features, ensuring maximum protection and durability for your valuable items.
With a strong focus on blow mold product design, we excel in creating customized special products tailored to your exact requirements. Trust us to deliver innovative, high-quality solutions that meet and exceed your expectations.

7.Blow Mold Product OEM & ODM Available

CASEMATE is not only a blow mold cases maker, we provide any products what the blow molding could be, we possesses the professional design and working team, OEM and ODM service are welcome.

8.Blow Mold Case With Cushion Foam & Waterproof

CASEMATE provides blow mold case with waterproof protection design with silicone seal gasket and with cushion of foam insert, the vesicatory of EPU,EPP,EPE and EVA, can ask for anti-static material for electronic equipment or products requesting. Excepting the waterproof design and cushion foam, additional shoulder strap will be make convenience and comfortable for carrying.

16.Blow Mold Product Design Available

CASEMATE provides full range of professional services. According to different needs, our professional design team to design a dedicated blow molding plastic boxes available.

31.Customized special products

We are committed to providing customers with high-quality, innovative and competitive customized special products. The goal is to give each customer a unique product.

Thank you for exploring Casemate Plastics Industries Co., Ltd.'s product line. As a leading manufacturer specializing in plastic blow molding, we pride ourselves on producing high-quality products, including customized and specially specified items.
Our product offerings include blow-molded cases with cushion foam, waterproof features, and OEM & ODM blow-molded products, suitable for a wide range of applications. If you have any questions or wish to make a purchase, please feel free to contact us via the provided contact form.